Welcome to Kaş

Kas, a touristic center located on the west coast of Antalya, is the 4th largest district of Antalya. Kas, which contains many natural wonders, makes the visitors have wonderful memories that they will never forget. It includes all kinds of tourism choices ranging from nature tourism to diving tourism, from camping to hotels with unique views. When you go to Kaş and you should not return without visiting the Kekova Region, without swimming at Kaputaş Beach, which is in the top 5 in our opinion in the world. You should also spare some extra time to visit Letoon Ancient City, Xhantos Ancient City, Kyaneai Ancient City, which carry all kinds of traces of history, as well as taking a boat tour in the world-famous Kekoka Island (Sunken City).


Kalkan (Kalamaki)

Kalkan, where the turquoise Mediterranean Sea meets with a beautiful bay, is among the most beautiful neighborhoods of Kas. Kalkan Marina, which is a frequent destination for Blue Cruise tours, meets all the needs of boats. After passing through, they take shelter in Kalkan Marina, which is a safe and convenient harbor for all kinds of boats


Patara, the birthplace of God Apollo, has a magnificent beach, desert-like sand dunes. Patara Beach, with its unique scenery, is 18 km. long and is the Turkey's longest beach. Patara Beach in Kaş is one of the breeding ground of sea turtles including Caretta Caretta so the beach is protected by the Ministry of Forestry. The breeding season of Caretta Carettas is very important in Patara Beach, Experts are aware of the importance of protection of ecological environments of turtles for the continuation of the Caretta-Caretta turtles so they are working meticulously to make the Caretta Caretta’s breeding places as safe as possible.

Xanthos (Xanthos)

Xanthos, which is on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List, is not only the oldest capital of Lycia, but also fascinates its visitors with its magnificent structure. Xanthos, which went down in history as the capital of the Lycian League, was established on the eastern shore of the Eşen Stream. The Xanthos ancient city is one of the most important routes of cultural tours in Kaş.

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